In the ULTIMATE project 27 partners from 11 countries collaborate on the symbiosis to turn wastewater into a resource. The project comprises a strong partnership of water companies, industrial stakeholders, specialised SMEs, applied research institutes, technology platforms, cities, and regional authorities. It is led and coordinated by Dutch water cycle research institute, KWR.

AssociateD Platforms & Partners


Technology Platform


Project organisation

We have a simple but efficient management structure as shown below:

The project, led by KWR, has a management team to deal with administrative, financial and contractual matters. The team includes officers in charge of administration, innovation & IPR, quality control, risks, and ethics.

External Advisory Board

The Project Advisory Board (PAB) comprises high-level international experts from different backgrounds and perspectives relating to our project’s field. These experts provide extra quality control and advice, they validate the project vision and ensure broader impact and outreach via their own networks.

Cirseau cluster

Projects of the CIRSEAU Water alliance


ULTIMATE Coordinator

Dr. Gerard van den Berg

ULTIMATE Communication Manager

Dr. Kristine Jung