Case study 4:

 Nafplio, Greece

Mobile wastewater treatment unit

Mobile wastewater treatment unit

The case study develops a prototype of a mobile wastewater treatment unit to bring about circular economy in the fruit industry.

Nafplio and surrounding area accounts as one of the most important regions for the citrus fruit industry in Europe. ULTIMATE focuses on the reduction of water consumption from fruit processing by stimulating the reuse of wastewater, as well as the recovery of value-added compounds from wastewater. GREENER THAN GREEN TECHNOLOGIES together with ALBERTA construct a pilot plant comprising units for water reuse and material recovery.

In the process solids are removed from the wastewater, followed by the degradation of organic matter by applying Advanced Oxidation Processes. The performance of these units is further enhanced through a Small Bioreactor Platform. In combination, these two systems increase treatment efficiency and reduce processing time and cost fostering water reuse and lift the pressure from aquifers.

The pilot plant also offers the ability to extract and exploit value-added compounds present in wastewater, such as anbti-oxidants, by selective adsorption on suitable solid material. These compounds are then extracted by subcritical water extraction. The potential for application of the recovered compounds is evaluated.

Bottles with fruit juice

Key innovations & actions

  • Adsorption / Extraction
  • Advanced Oxidation Process



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