Circular solutions

ULTIMATE aims to become a catalyst of a special type of industrial symbiosis, which is termed “Water Smart Industrial Symbiosis” (WSIS). Water and wastewater both play a key role as a reusable resource.

Three key areas of action are planned.

Reuse water

Recover, refine & reuse wastewater from industries & municipalities

Exploit energy

Extract & exploit energy, combined water-energy management, water-enabled heat transfer, storage & recovery

Recover materials

Nutrient mining & reuse, extraction & reuse of high-added value exploitable compounds

ULTIMATE solutions

ULTIMATE demonstration activities are built around the 9 Water-Smart Industrial Symbiosis case studies where we show solutions for the reuse of water, energy and-materials, including technologies, systems, governance arrangements and business models.


The ULTIMATE concept in a nutshell: much more than “just” technologies

ULTIMATE In a Nutshell

Open Call for Symbiosis Assessment

The ULTIMATE consortium invited from December 2022 to February 2023 water consuming industries to apply for an assessment of their Water-Smart Industrial Symbiosis (WSIS) potential. The assessment, performed by a team of experts from the ULTIMATE project, will provide a feasibility study for WSIS at selected industrial sites.