Water smart industrial symbiosis

ULTIMATE aims to create economic value and increase sustainability by valorising resources within the water cycle.

Wastewater plays a key role both as a reusable resource but also as a carrier for energy and materials to be extracted, treated, stored and reused within a dynamic socio-economic and business oriented industrial ecosystem.

Ultimate Water Talks



april, 2021

9 demosites

ULTIMATE will implement Water Smart Industrial Symbiosis in nine large-scale business cases from the international agro-food, petrochemical and biotech sector.

Circular solutions

The circular solutions adapted in the project cover the three areas: water recycling and reuse, extracting and exploitation of energy, and material recovery.

Reuse wastewater

Recover, refine & reuse wastewater from industries & municipalities

Exploit energy

Extract & exploit energy – combined water-energy management, treatment process as energy producers, water-enabled heat transfer, storage & recovery

Recover Materials

Nutrient mining & reuse, extraction & reuse of high-added-value exploitable compounds