Water smart industrial symbiosis

ULTIMATE aims to create economic value and increase sustainability by valorising resources within the water cycle.

Wastewater plays a key role both as a reusable resource but also as a carrier for energy and materials to be extracted, treated, stored and reused within a dynamic socio-economic and business oriented industrial ecosystem.

Reuse wastewater

Exploit energy

Recover Materials

Marketplace and Technology Evidence Base (TEB) for Circular Economy

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NEWS: #CIRSEAU project experiences help to shape recommendations to the @EU_Commission, and guiding principles & ...actions for researchers & practitioners on #StakeholderEngagement activities for a #WaterSmartSociety.

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In the face of changing climate, wastewater can be an untapped resource for farmers.

Safe use of wastewater can help ...us combat water scarcity and reduce environmental pollution.

Learn more about @FAO's work on wastewater: https://t.co/iQYYAva2K7

#ClimateChange #WasteWater

Water has a ripple effect across many global challenges – from #ClimateChange to political unrest.
#Cooperation on ...water is needed to catalyse progress. #Water & #Peace go hand in hand.


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ULTIMATE Case Study Map

9 demosites

ULTIMATE will implement Water Smart Industrial Symbiosis in nine large-scale business cases from the international agro-food, petrochemical and biotech sector.

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Implementing the Innovation

Building a support system in practice. Scale impact, create sustainable strategies and actionable goals through innovation, capacity development, and market outreach


Integration and Peer Knowledge
Learning with peers and experts

Involving domain-specific stakeholders and experts with various hands-on experiences


Play & Community Engagement
Learning by doing and reflection

Involving local communities and general public to co-innovate by allowing them to
reflect on the processes and finding new solutions to challenges


Multi-use Playspaces
Learning beyond

Formulating human-centered approaches, methodologies, tools, and interventions to guide and motivate people to do things, disseminate, use and re-use information in a new way 

Immersive Narrative / Art and Technology Interventions in 3 Case Studies