Ultimate's Playbook


Playbooks are approach - oriented documents which can provide any team consisting of various participants with both a structure and plan to guide them with the best possible approach to situations, activities, or in this case Co-creation. The idea of introducing playbooks is to realize both the philosophy and the approach to any deliverable in a project while successfully working together.

Nearly all digital transformation projects are dynamic due to changing requirements and dependencies as a team digs in and start building new solutions. In this context, As we are focused on specific Case studies, playbooks are a game-changing tool that will prepare your team for nearly any situation that may arise throughout the project lifecycle.

Why does Ultimate support playbooks?

Part of the ULTIMATE Project, is a creation of a Playbook for citizen and stakeholder engagement and use them as a tool in the co-creation activities. The ULTIMATE Playbook brings together designers, strategists, developers and the citizens from various backgrounds as a team in co-creating an immersive narrative intervention. The Playbook is a useful tool in knowledge dissemination within ULTIMATE case studies and guide each participant on how to start the stakeholder engagement process.

Our aim is to define the processes, methodologies, protocols and tools used for business-to-business co-creation within the ULTIMATE case studies. We will employ the methodologies and tools that has been proven to achieve best results in our stakeholder engagement practices with our three Case Studies ; Nieuwegein, Netherlands; Kalundborg, Denmark; and Rosignano, Italy.

our current status?

So far, NTNU has collaborated to develop this Playbook to facilitate engagement sessions for the Case Studies. Additionally we have also distributed and provided guidance on the use of complimentary toolkits such as the ULTIMATE Facilitator`s Deck to guide facilitators in the co-creation activities and the Onboarding kit that can be distributed to the participants to quick-start and introduce them on how they contribute to the ULTIMATE co-creation process.

Further information & Contact

If you would like more information about the ULTIMATE’S Playbook, please reach out to