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The ULTIMATE Young Professionals group is aiming to convene young professionals, like PhDs, postdocs and early careers – who are actively contributing to ULTIMATE. The aim is to bring about added value of being a part of the project through networking and other activities, e.g. meetings, blogs, etc.

  • Learning & Skills Building
  • Meeting Preparations & Implementation
  • Expertise Database for Collaboration
  • Young Professionals Bios
  • LinkedIn Group for Sharing

Key Topic Areas for Collaboration

Where did Young Professionnals identify areas to work on as a group? 

  • Support each other in managing priorities
  • Share knowledge between individual domains
  • Support for understanding several fields i.e. regulation, technical items
  • Networking internally and externally
  • How to write EU project proposals
  • Skills sharing
  • Communications & pitching skills
  • Use of research and social media tools
  • Advise in balancing between the project and PhD

EU Sister Projects – Connecting Young Professionals!

  • Circular Economy Projects 
  • ULTIMATE, B-WaterSmart, Water Mining, REWAISE, and WIDERUPTAKE
  • Connecting Young Professionals and Project Groups 
  • Identify synergies and develop an agenda for the next years


  • Facilitate the exchange among the young water professionals
  • Give them the opportunity to present their current research to and todiscuss with more experienced scientists in that field (inside or uutside our consortia)
  • Organise helpful workshops, e.g. on publishing scientific results, application of certain methodological approaches, etc.