Case study 1:

 Tarragona, Spain

Increasing the capacity to recover water at an industrial complex

Efficient ammonia removal for full-scale water recovery

Case study 1 works on increasing the capacity to recover water at an industrial complex of 30 petrochemical companies by 20%.

The petrochemical complex of Tarragona already uses water from reclaimed urban wastewater in boilers and cooling towers. The high ammonia concentrations in the reclaimed water limits possible uses. Under the lead of the technology centre EURECAT and on-site supervision by AITASA, ULTIMATE will address current system limitations.

Water reuse will be boosted through low-cost, zeolite-based ammonia removal by testing different treatments at bench-scale. The economical and technically most feasible solution will be implemented at pilot-scale.

To further close the loop within the complex, the availability of reclaimed water will be increased via a near Zero Liquid Discharge wastewater management system. The system couples advanced reverse osmosis and membrane distillation and will be tested at pilot-scale in the existing wastewater reclamation plant but will also be included in the planning of a future plant.

Additionally, a concept study will evaluate future potential uses of the reclaimed water in the industrial complex.

ULTIMATE CS1 Tarragona, ES

Key innovations & actions

  • Near Zero Liquid Discharge (or high-recovery systems) for water reclamation
  • Increasing the water availability for industrial reuse in the complex



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