Case study 2:

 Nieuw Prinsenland, The Netherlands

Water reuse and heat recovery for horticulture

Water reuse and heat recovery for horticulture

This case study focuses on wastewater treatment to reliably remove pesticides and plant pathogens for water reuse in Horticulture and looks into heat recovery for greenhouse heating.
The Nieuw-Prinsenland area is a modern agro- and food cluster aiming at maximum symbiosis among different industries with regards to water, energy, and waste. Maximized reuse is attained between a sugar factory and the industries.
Solutions for water and nutrient reuse are demonstrated at De Vlot, a cooperative wastewater treatment facility treating wastewater from 160 ha of greenhouses. Exploring water and nutrient reuse opportunities for their facility, the system for internal and external symbiosis with neighbouring greenhouses and industries is optimized.
The use of high temperature aquifer thermal energy storage is assessed for heating of greenhouses.

ULTIMATE CS2 Nieuw Prinsenland, NL

Key innovations & actions

  • Treating greenhouse wastewater by filtration & advanced oxidation
  • Distribution & reuse of the treated wastewater in the greenhouse industry
  • Storage of residual heat using ATES managing heat demand in greenhouses



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