Water resilience with EU projects


EU Green Week Partner Event

LIFE ECOdigestion 2.0 innovates for water resilience in Europe, fostering synergies with similar projects for maximum impact at Green Week.

On 30th May, the ULTIMATE project is representd by Dr. Isam Sabbah (Galilee Society) at the EU Green Week Partner Event, organised by the LIFE ECOdigestion 2.0 project. Join the event online from 10:30-12:30 CEST and learn about his research on biogas production that is carried out within  ULTIMATE.

The LIFE ECOdigestion 2.0 project is a clear example of how we can add innovation for greater water resilience in Europe. To achieve maximum impact and obtain stronger solutions, it is essential to approach and generate synergies with other European projects that pursue and are aligned with the same or similar objectives. This is how we join in this Green Week event with an online event that favours the creation of opportunities thanks to the exposure and conversation with other water and/or energy innovation driver projects.

The agenda for our event will be divided into two main parts. Firstly, we will present the projects and initiatives undertaken by LIFE ECOdigestion 2.0, showcasing our efforts in promoting water resilience through cutting-edge technologies and practices. This presentation will offer insights into our work and demonstrate the impact we aim to achieve.

Following the project presentations, the second part of the event will focus on generating conversations and addressing questions from the attendees. This interactive session aims to engage participants in discussions about water resilience, encouraging the exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices.

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The agenda to the event can be dowloaded here.

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