Making Waves – Immersive stakeholder engagement for sustainable societies: the water-smart cities example


The CIRSEAU Cluster is organising a whole-day Pre-Conference at Ecsite Conference 2024 in Ljubljana on Wednesday, 5 June.

The event is titled Making Waves – Immersive stakeholder engagement for sustainable societies: the water-smart cities example

Water has always been a precious resource. Climate change is magnifying its significance to our society as water scarcity and pollution become some of the most pressing issues of our time. Such challenges demand urgent attention and innovative, co-created solutions. How do we respond?

This hands-on workshop, organised by the CIRSEAU Cluster of EU-funded projects on water and sustainability, will showcase how versatile and effective stakeholder and citizen engagement methods and innovative tools contribute to the fields of sustainability, circular economy, societal and science engagement, focusing on water as a valuable resource. The selected participatory frameworks and tools create an environment conducive to knowledge-sharing, cultivate robust connections and promote the exchange of valuable experiences.

The workshops’ schedule is prepared to present the tools as well as facilitating an immersive experience, where participants will be able to interact, discuss and learn about a wide range of engagement frameworks and tools that span from Communities of Practice to Living Labs, and from Augmented Reality to Serious Games, Data Visualization, respectively. The interactive sessions will further equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively implement these strategies within their specific working environments and their own fields, using water as an example. The pre-conference is open to anyone working to engage stakeholders in innovative ways, from the specialist in communication to community facilitators.

Join us to explore how the selected tools help you create co-design approaches and engaging content when working with citizens and stakeholder communities.

The fee for this Pre-Conference workshop will be fully reimbursed after the event, provided that the participant attends the entire workshop.

The CIRSEAU Cluster is a ground-breaking alliance committed to advancing the circular water economy and society in Europe. This strategic collaboration brings together five sister projects (REWAISE, ULTIMATE, B-Water Smart, Wider Uptake, and WATER-MINING).