ULTIMATE at the EU Green Week 2022


“Water, Energy and Carbon Nexus management within circular territories and industries”

The EU Green Week partner event was organised by the Water Europe ‘Circular Water VLT’ and the IWA Resource Recovery from Water Cluster. The workshop was held online on 03 June 2022. The video recording and the presentations are now available.

Some significant keys to improve the implementation of circular economy in the water sector. The speakers put their focus on:

  •   The Risk Assessment as a Tool to guarantee water quality.
  •   The implementation of circular bioproducts obtained from wastes and wastewater.
  •   The analysis of the fate of pollutants of emerging concern.
  •   Transfer of knowledge from projects to policies.

People from 12 different countries joined the workshop: Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, Mexico, Turkey, Ireland and UK.


Watch the Webinar:

View the agenda of the workshop here and the link to event page.