Smarter (re)use of water


Coordinated by KWR Water Research Institute, a new article was published in the Dutch magazine NPT Proces Technologie. Authors of the article are Joep van den Broeke, Tavishi Guleria, Emile Cornelissen, Martin Bloemendal and Gerard van den Berg

Summary of the article:

Sufficient water of the right necessity of life. All industries depend on it. The availability of sufficient water was long taken as a given. However, due to a combination of factors, such as climate change and ever-increasing demand, it is necessary to deal with water in a different way of dealing with water. The European research project ULTIMATE, coordinated by KWR Water Research Institute from Nieuwegein, is working on the reuse of water in an industrial context.

More about the industries involved in ULTIMATE and the established industrial symbiosis is available here. For further questions, please get in contact with us. Our contact details are here.